About Us

Welcome.  Modus Vivendi is Latin for “Manner of Living”.  We started this website to share our enthusiasm for Food, Travel and Photography.  For my husband Dave and I these are the three things that bring enjoyment to our life.  Why these three interests?  Food is what sustains our bodies, travel is what sustains our soul, and photography provides us with a way to share our passions.  I am the cook, the foodie, the one who wants to excite the mouths of all to evoke a memory, an emotion, a sense of contentment.  My husband Dave uses photography the same – as a means to awaken the senses through a picture.  Add to these two passions our sense of adventure through travel.  Visiting new places. Experiencing life through the sites, smells, tastes of new places.  This is what we hope to share with you.  We are looking forward to the journey – Alicia & Dave.