Ships (as in Cruise)

One of our favorite modes of transportation is the Cruise Ship.  It is also one of our favorite forms of vacation.  summit-bermuda

I have been on 9 cruises and Dave has been on 6.  Our last 4 cruises have been together.  We have been to Bermuda, the Caribbean, through the Panama Canal, and I have cruised Alaska and the Mediterranean.  There is something magical about being on a cruise ship.  Whether your are in the Atlantic, Pacific, Mediterranean or Caribbean, sitting and watching the water go by and seeing nothing on the horizon except blue water is one of the most peaceful moments I have experienced.

Our favorite Cruise Line has been Celebrity.  We also favor the smaller ships in the line, so we have only cruised on the Millennium size ships (about 2000 passengers).  My husband has tried Carnival (his first cruise), and I have been on Holland America (another lovely cruise line) as well as one Carnival cruise.  Together it has been Celebrity and mainly the Summit.  The only other ship we have been on together is the Celebrity Infinity on our passage though the Panama Canal from San Francisco to Ft. Lauderdale.  What a wonderful trip that was.


I also enjoy more traditional cruises, where the cruise ship is our luxury hotel for our trip, not our playground.  I don’t need rock climbing walls, water slides, faux surfing, skating rinks, etc. on my cruise.  While on board I want to relax, maybe take in a show or listen to some music, eat well prepared food that is served to me (buffets are fine for lunch and sometimes breakfast), and take in the occasional Bingo or Trivia game.

Enjoying visiting new places that I may have never been able to explore, such as the sunset over Santorini and wandering the old streets of Dubrovnik on a Mediterranean Cruise.  Seeing the old forts and monastery in Cartagena, Columbia and meeting the indigenous people of Guatemala on our Panama Canal Cruise.  Catching a 50 lb Ling Cod fishing in Ketchikan, Alaska on an Alaskan cruise.  These are memories that will be with me forever.




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