Finger Lakes – After the Storm

While we were up at the Finger Lakes storms came through two of the evenings.  The picture above was while we were at Atwater Winery – spectacular sunset.  The next two evenings we found ourselves over on Cayuga Lake at the Taughannock Falls near Trumansburg, NY.  The second evening was right after another line of thunderstorms rolled through and Dave took these pictures at sunset on that evening.

Taughannock Falls after the storm

Taughannock Falls after the storm

A close up view is below.  After all of the storms the flow of water over the rocks was spectacular and the eeriness after the storm helped to make these photos look surreal.  Okay, HDR photos brought out to their fullest saturation with Photoshop help with that feeling of otherworldly.  But they are beautiful and after the rain the falls were spectacular.

Closeup of Taughannock Falls



Finger Lakes Weekend Retreat

This past weekend my husband and I spent a few nights up in the Finger Lakes.  This set of lakes in Western New York are long and thin and remind one of fingers – and thus their name.  When we arrived on Friday we found a nice vineyard on the eastern shores of Seneca Lake.  The Finger Lake region of New York is known for their vineyards.  I believe I counted at least 30 Wineries on Seneca Lake alone.  Atwater Estate Vineyards is one of those lovely wineries that overlooks their rows of vines that produce grapes such as Chardonnay, Riesling, Cabernet Franc and Pinot Noir.  While sitting on the deck of their tasting room, we enjoyed an interesting sparkling wine they call Pinot Bubble.  While not a true sparkling wine, since it was a Pinot Rose with the addition of carbonation (not sparkling from the fermentation process such as those used in méthode champenoise) it was a bit like a wine spritzer.  Dry and tickling on the tongue, it was delicious with some cheese and crackers.



As we were enjoying our early evening wine break a storm was approaching across the lake.  My husband was thrilled, as an approaching storm provide him with photographic opportunities that he did not want to miss.  I will post some of his storm photos shortly here along with our further adventures in the Finger Lakes.

Cruise Planning



It’s Sunday afternoon and I am sitting on my back patio planning our next major trip.  We will be going this fall on a cruise leaving from San Francisco, through the Panama Canal, arriving in Fort Lauderdale 17 days later.  We will be sailing on Celebrity’s ship the Infinity.  The picture above is of the Summit, the same Millennium Class ship as the Infinity.  We have been on the Summit twice – once to Bermuda (which is where the picture above is from) and once from San Juan to various Caribbean Islands.  We like the size of this class of ship – just about 2000 passengers – so not too big.  Stay tuned and I’ll share the details.  Right now back to planning those shore excursions for Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica and Guatemala.

First Post – Banana Foster Crunch Bundt Cake

Being very new to WordPress, please forgive any mistakes I may be making.  I enjoy cooking (and of course eating).  What I really enjoy is cooking for others.  So yesterday I decided to use up some of those frozen bananas that I had saved and looked on my Pinterest pages for a cake to make.  One that I could take into work on Monday.  Because if Dave and I eat the whole thing our efforts to lose some weight would be for naught.  I found this recipe at a site Mr. Food Test Kitchen. My only substitution was Hazelnuts in place of the Pecans.  I used Goslings Black Seal – Bermuda Black Rum for the 1/4 cup of rum required.  For my pictures I used my little Sony Cybershot on the “Gourmet” scene setting.  I am not a photographer like my husband, but my little point and shoot works for me.