Randomness – Some Favorite Pictures

Pondering a Blog post, I decided to look at some pictures that both Dave and I have taken over the past 6 months or so.  Decided this post would be dedicated to those pictures that are some of my favorites.  They come from different places and represent different styles.  The one above was taken from Liberty State Park in New Jersey looking across the Hudson River towards NY.  This would have been where the ferry from Ellis Island would have brought over the immigrants that were going to find new homes in America, via the Central Rail Road terminal here in Jersey City.


Also at Liberty State Park is the Empty Sky 9 11 Memorial seen below.  A stark reminder of those horrific events back in 2001.  This first one was taken near sunset, looking out at the new Freedom Tower at One World Trade Center.


Staying in New York, here is the Flat Iron building taken from the top of the Empire State Building.


I think I found a theme here, so I’ll stick with it with another view from the Empire State Building looking out over the Hudson into New Jersey.  Interesting enough, I have not even been up in the building ever.  I must put it on my bucket list.


All photos were taken by my husband Dave here and are among my personal favorites.  One final one – a view of the Hudson early morning with the Anthem of the Seas coming in to Bayonne.



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